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There are close to 2 billion people in the world with limited or no access to financial services. Despite being among the poorest in the world, they still pay the highest fees for basic financial services, which we in developed countries and regions take for granted. SPENN Technology aims to change this radically, by offering our users a platform to use and transact for free. 

SPENN Technology’s mission  - Connecting individuals and communities with the global economy through advanced technology. 

Our product SPENN is an advanced mobile banking platform with a simple interface that is easy to understand and use by anyone, regardless of their background, education, age or knowledge of banking applications. Our primary target markets are emerging countries where large segments of the population have little or no access to banking services. 

SPENN Technology A/S is a public multinational company listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Denmark (‘’Nasdaq First North’’) with offices across eight different countries. The company is expanding rapidly into new markets and the organization is constantly evolving.

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